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I do simple picture editor,using openCV libriary,and i faced , that when i use openCV libriary,image that i need to open in hWnd opens in his "own" child window,and i don't know,how to get picture from child window,and set in parent window.

What I have tried:

int MyOpenFile(HWND hWnd)
	ZeroMemory(&ofn, sizeof(ofn));
	ofn.lStructSize = sizeof(ofn);
	ofn.hwndOwner = hWnd;
	ofn.lpstrFile = szFile;
	ofn.lpstrFile[0] = '\0';
	ofn.nMaxFile = sizeof(szFile);
	ofn.lpstrFilter = L"Bitmap files(*.bmp)\0*.bmp\0JPEG files(*.jpg)\0*.jpg\0All files(*.*)\0*.*\0\0";
	ofn.nFilterIndex = 1;
	ofn.lpstrFileTitle = NULL;
	ofn.nMaxFileTitle = 0;
	ofn.lpstrInitialDir = NULL;


	hdc = GetDC(hWnd);
	memDC = CreateCompatibleDC(hdc);
	image = cvLoadImage(filename, CV_LOAD_IMAGE_UNCHANGED);;

	dst = cvCloneImage(image);

	cvShowImage("image",image);//this func creates its own window,but i don't know 
                                   //how to display image in parent window

	ReleaseDC(hWnd, hdc);

	return 0;

I've tried this MFC algorithm,but it doesn't work in Winapi,but i think it's correct,but not for winapi,please tell me how to use it correctly in winapi
    cvNamedWindow("IDC_STATIC_OUTPUT", 0);
cvResizeWindow("IDC_STATIC_OUTPUT", 420, 240);

hWnd = (HWND)cvGetWindowHandle("IDC_STATIC_OUTPUT");
HWND hParent = ::GetParent(hWnd);
::SetParent(hWnd, GetDlgItem(hWnd, ));
::ShowWindow(hParent, SW_HIDE);

cvShowImage("IDC_STATIC_OUTPUT", frame_copy)

Thank you in advance!
Updated 19-Jul-17 22:40pm

1 solution

You must use the correct syntax by showing it in your window:
cvShowImage("MyWindowName",image);//use your windows (else it creates a new one
You arent using MFC, but Windows-API. Dont mix them.

Please spend some time by digging trough the OpenCV Tutorials. Often are tons of code in it, which will helpful to you.
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