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My final year project is 3 D cargo packing.
There is a 3 D container & set of cargos (goods) and we have to place
cargos: in container.
Given: dimension of cargos and container.
it's really urgent.
plzs suggest me some thing.

Updated 26-Oct-10 0:10am
Smithers-Jones 14-Oct-10 13:18pm    
I had a look at your profile: You are a member at Codeproject for 11 months (without any contribution whatsoever), this is a "question" about your final year project and you are trying to urge people into helping you. So I assume you have about 4 weeks left to hand in your work. What did you do all the time, picking your nose?
luck_21 14-Dec-10 15:33pm    
i m not picking my nose i needed a algo which can be integrated with GUI, efficient & easy to implement .and i already have a algo just was trying to find suggestion ..and got one which just talk about Big Names ..and you just commenting on what i have not done..screw you...Do you can solve this problem .

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You need some optimization method. I suggest you a couple of them:
"Simulated_annealing"[^] , it has an appealing physic metaphor, and is relatively simple to implement.
You may also try to use Lagrange Multipliers[^].
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Richard MacCutchan 14-Oct-10 4:34am    
An answer that has such metaphysical beauty ...
CPallini 14-Oct-10 4:39am    
Sauro Viti 26-Oct-10 6:20am    
Fortunately the quality of answers is not related to the quality of questions...
CPallini 26-Oct-10 6:31am    
luck_21 14-Dec-10 15:35pm    
Methods you have mentioned are just theoritical and are hard to integrate with GUI :)

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