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hey fellows,

I'm sure some of us have seen ads on how reading anything is slowed down purely because our eyes have to move from one word to the next Spritz +1000 Words per Minute Warp-Speed Reading for Language Acquisition, Learning & Mindfulness - YouTube[^]

I'm a little dyslexic (tf for dictionaries) so the idea really appeals to me. I wrote a program that takes in (almost) any text file and shows each word on screen much as the linked vid shows. I don't get the point of the red letter, but that's away from my point:

Some words are more complex (names for eg) and require a little more attention. I found that any word with more than 2 syllables requires at least 50% extra viewing time

So here's the issue. How does a program recognise syllables:
My mums first name is marilynne. 3 syllables: maybe mar:ri:lynne. Change the last two letters (1 const and 1 vowel) to, for eg BA: marilynba. now 4 syllables: ma:ri:lyn:ba. The program has no idea what is different, but the word would need to linger longer on screen.

This program I wrote for just for fun, but this is an issue I found:

As the program is only for personal use, and just for fun(-dimental reading ability), I feel bad posting this as just another question. I think the subject would be really interesting, if there is a solution, for a weekend programming competition; but this site usually posts these quizzes in a way that there is a known solution. I don't know that there is one.

So, there it is. I there a programmatic way to recognise syllables, and count them?

I hope that that there is a solution because it would make reading much easier for me and any dyslexic (or unfocused) reader

Please prompt the site creator / admin to give this as a challenge, if you think it's interesting enough. Unique solutions, i believe, the only way to proceed

What I have tried:

As mentioned above, I don't even know that there is a solution, but I think that trying to find one might be fun ^_^
Updated 16-Apr-17 17:01pm
PIEBALDconsult 16-Apr-17 23:02pm    
How many syllables are there in "jewelery"?
Andy Lanng 21-Apr-17 6:28am    
Sir, you have dashed all my plans in one sentence *cries*

I put an optional delay of n% on words over m letters. words over 3 syllables are a lot rarer than I thought so t barely matters. I put gave too much attention to a problem that doesn't really exist

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