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I have a table with these columns
101-James-March-null -null -bbbb

101-March-100.00 - cash
101-March-200.00 - cash
101-March-300.00 - cash
101-April-200.00 - cash
101-April-250.00 - check

here I would like to update the [tableA] DepositAmount, checkORcash with [tableB] DepositAmount, checkORcash.
Can you please help me how to update a [tableA]. I want to add all the DepositAmount, checkORcash values from [tableB] where month='March'

What I have tried:

declare @i int 
set @i = 1
while (@i <=  (select count(*) FROM [tableB] where Month='March' and CID=101) )
 update [tableA] set DepositAmount = b.DepositAmount, checkORcash   = b.checkORcash
  From [tableB] b where month='March'        
set @i=@i+1
Updated 4-May-17 21:17pm

If you ever think you need to use a loop with SQL then think again!

What you need is something like (untested)
update A set DepositAmount = b.DepositAmount, checkORcash   = b.checkORcash
from tableA A
left join tableB B on A.CID=B.CID
WHERE A.[month] = 'March'
Always remember that RDMS based databases (SQL databases) are "SET" based. You describe what you want to happen to a set of data, not a row at a time. This article (yes, it's mine) says everything I'm trying to say - Processing Loops in SQL Server[^]
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I think you don't want to update, you want to add all the march records from table B to A because there are multiple records with march .
Just modify your solution as,

if exists(select top 1 * FROM [tableB] where Month='March' )

insert into [tableA] (CID,CName,Month,DepositAmount,checkORcash) select b.CID,(select name from [Customer_table] where id=b.CID),b.Month,b.DepositAmount,b.checkORcash from [tableB] b where Month='March'


AS I understand your question I provide the above solution,
let me know if issue is with solution.
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