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I need to handle below scenario.

class A()
   int i;

class B()
   int j;

class C
   int k;

class D
  int l;

class E:A

If class E is derived from class A, MYMACRO macro should create object of type C whereas if class E derived from class B MYMACRO macro should create object of type D.

How to achieve this via macro?

My requirement is I should not mention the type of object while declaring.The macro should check whether the current class is derived from this or that.Then it has to create the object of different types.

If there is any other solution apart from using macro please suggest me?

What I have tried:

I explored on it but Could not get solution for my scenario.
Updated 8-May-17 5:12am
[no name] 8-May-17 10:52am    
I think it is a bad design and a crazy idea. I will say, even if you can solve it with macros you will not be able to maintain this in future.
Philippe Mori 8-May-17 12:40pm    
Even if you found a way to do it, you would have to declare the mapping somewhere...

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[no name] 8-May-17 11:19am    
typeid is a run time Thing:
"The typeid operator allows the type of an object to be determined at _run time_."

For me it Looks more, OP tries to make a crazy construction at compile/design time.
Richard MacCutchan 8-May-17 11:54am    
I am well aware of that, but it is probably the only way to go.

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