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I have 5 different tables let's say table1,table2,table3,table4,table5.
The tables have a few common columns like referenceNumber, CNIC Number, Product etc.
At my webpage there is a textbox where user can enter CNIC Number and they can perform searches.
What i want is whenever a search is performed at backend the query should run which will search through all the tables and in which ever table it finds the CNIC Number it fetches the records and display at frontend.
My problem is how should i do it.
I am thinking of creating a view and putting every tables selected fields in it and then perform searching on that view. Another thing is there are some products for which i want to highlight the result in webpage.
Please help me here.

What I have tried:

Searched through google but have not found any relevant thing.
Updated 22-May-17 0:19am

1 solution

Learn about JOINs in SQL[^] and use INSERT INTO ... SELECT ...[^]
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