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To disable a hyperlink define a hyperlink CSS class that looks disabled and then change the href property to navigate back to the top of the page.
Server-side, you'll also have to turn off the auto-postback of that element.

So, here's the CSS and JavaScript to make the hyperlink appear disabled, and navigate to page top:

The CSS:
color: #333;
text-decoration : none;
cursor: default;

The javascript:
function disablelink(linkID)
var hlink = document.getElementById(linkID);
hlink.href = "#";
hlink.className = "disableLink";

call the javascript function passing your Hyperlink Id
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The example below changes the link by adding an extra "return false" as a first statement. This will prevent any action but also makes it possible to remove the "return false" part to enable it again.[^]

Good luck!
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Dalek Dave 18-Oct-10 3:56am    
Good Answer.
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document.getElementById("<id of="" anchor="" tag="">").disabled = true;
document.getElementById("<id of="" anchor="">").style.cursor = "default";</id></id>
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Using Dojo

on(context.linkNode, "click", function () {"");
domClass.add(context.linkNode , "disable");
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