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Greetings, have been working on the below code. am consuming json in php, i want to get the data and store in a database, kindly am a beginner and need some help. the below code does not store any data.

I have been going through, it seems there is something to adding up,


if($_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"] == "POST" && $_SERVER["CONTENT_TYPE"] == "application/json")
  $json = file_get_contents("php://input", false, stream_context_get_default(), 0, $_SERVER["CONTENT_LENGTH"]);
  global $_POST_JSON;
  $_POST_JSON = json_decode($_REQUEST["JSON_RAW"]);
  // merge JSON-Content to $_REQUEST 
  if(is_array($_POST_JSON)) $_REQUEST   = $_POST_JSON+$_REQUEST;

//variables for database credentials

$con = mysql_connect($host,$username,$password);

if (!$con)

echo mysql_error($con);

//end make connections

//connect to database

if (!mysql_select_db($con,$database ))


echo mysqli_error($con);



foreach ( $data as $item )

//variable $item is used for iteration to with the $con for database connection

foreach($item->KYCInfo as $kycinfo)


if ($kycinfo->KYCName=='[Personal Details][First Name]' )



if ($kycinfo->KYCName=='[Personal Details][Middle Name]' )


if ($kycinfo->KYCName=='[Personal Details][Last Name]' )

$lastname=mysqli_real_escape_string($con, $kycinfo->KYCValue);

mysql_select_db($con,$database );
$sql="INSERT INTO orocoke(
TransactionType, TransID, TransTime, TransAmount, BusinessShortCode, BillRefNumber, InvoiceNumber, MSISDN, First_Name, Middle_Name,
Last_Name, OrgAccountBalance)

VALUES ('$transactiontype','$transid', '$transtime', '$transamount', '$businessshortcode', '$billrefno', '$invoiceno', '$msisdn', '$firstname',
'$middlename', '$lastname', '$orgaccountbalance' )";




What I have tried:

This is the json format that is to be consumed

  "BusinessShortCode": "2014022",
  "Trans_Time": "20140227082020",
  "Trans_Amount": "123.00",
  "Trans_Type": "PayBill",
  "MSISDN": "254722703614",
   "BillRefNumber": "vnascb90",
  "OrgAccountBalance": "vnascb90",
  "InvoiceNumber": "vnascb90",
  "Account_Number": "12345556",
  "KYCInfo": "[{\"KYCName\": \"[Personal Details][First Name]\", \"KYCValue\": \"Hoiyor\"}, {\"KYCName\": \"[Personal Details][Middle Name]\", \"KYCValue\": \"G\"}, {\"KYCName\": \"[Personal Details][Last Name]\", \"KYCValue\": \"Chen\"}]"
Updated 28-Aug-17 9:27am

1 solution

Break down your problem into pieces to find out where it's failing.

For Example:

1) Did you try to echo the value of $sql to see what it is you're trying to send to the server?

2) If that's got problems, like all the (values are empty), did you try something like print_r() for the parsed JSON?

3) Is your connection to the server working?
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