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Hi All,

Now i have create a web request and getting response from that request. My response type is html. But in this html double quotes are missed in attributes. For example
 <form method = POST name=xxxxx> <Body>
    <table width=600 align=middle>
                <tr><td align=middle>Your Test below.</td></tr>

We are using response content type is text/html

Al replies are welcome.


What I have tried:

I have tried force to use content type = "text/html"
Updated 1-Sep-17 4:37am
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 1-Sep-17 8:12am    
What is the code on serverside?
Thomas Nielsen - getCore 1-Sep-17 10:55am    
The response comes from somewhere, is that somewhere you can control?
If not you'll have to do what you can with what you get.. totally doable though ;)

1 solution

If the server is not your own server: nothing to do about it. But realize that attribute quotes are optional in HTML5 so this is valid HTML, and a decent HTML5 parser should not have any problem with this.

If the server is yours: you don't specify what server or what server-side language so I can't give specific advice, but the answer here is to tweak the code or settins of your server. A search engine can probably help you with this already.
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