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hi all.
i am c# programmer (windows forms). and i started any java & c++ exercises any weeks ago.
i feel can understand both c++ & java because i know c#.
but my main problem is idea for programming in c++ or java.
for example i say with myself that "if i want to create windows form,i can do it by c# so why i use java or c++".
my problem is what kind type of projects i can do by c++ and java? Game prgramming ? desktop programming? IOT? Web Development? i don't know which type i should start or toturial in c++ or java.
i wish to can understand my mean.

this is not solution . it is continue. really i want to write cross paltform application and great applications. and c# not supported it of course if we not see .net core.
but i like to create great good applications without any limit. and i want to work with c++ & java.
but i don't know that how can i find idea for starting that.
i think i can begin a project by c++ & java and i am not a beginner. because i understand c++ , java syntax and it's principles (according to my studies in this weeks).
and i think can understand more those by write a good project.
totally (I do not know what kind of branch to choose) IOT? WEB? DESKTOP? which today tech?

What I have tried:

i'm looking for my problem but can not find any good thing...
Updated 3-Sep-17 22:42pm

Basically, pretty much anything you can create in C#, you can create in C++ or Java (especially now Xamarin is part of Visual Studio).
The only difference is that C++ can be used across a wider pool of "target" processors and systems (C++ cross compilers exist for pretty much every processor (even eight bit - there is at least one Z80 C++ compiler) where C# is only available where .NET (or equivelant: Mono for Linux, Xamarin for Android / iOS) will run.
And Java can also be used where C# can't - as long as the Java Virtual Machine runs there, so cn Java code (this includes smartcards: Java (software platform) - Wikipedia[^])

There are places you can use C# that you can't use Java or C++ - the server side code for a website for example - but in most cases you could use any of them anywhere.

Just don't assume "i feel can understand both c++ & java because i know c#": theay are very different languages that share some common syntax, and if you try to do things "the C# way" in C++, you will probably make a very nasty app. Particularly if you try to do it in a native app: without the CLR, C++ does not provide garbage collection, so memory deallocation is up to you the programmer for example.

We can't say "use C# for these projects, but Java / C++ for those" because there is no clear line: they are interchangeable for whole projects (but probably not within a project, it's not going to work too well if you try to use both C# and Java together!)
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Roli Moli 3-Sep-17 4:14am    
thank you. really my problem in first level is finding a benefit project for doing by c++ or java and for next level is what type of project my mean is what type of techology. whaterver thanks for your attention
CPallini 3-Sep-17 4:38am    
My 5.
i feel can understand both c++ & java because i know c#
Obligatory citation: Abstruse Goose | How to Teach Yourself Programming[^].

Rules of thumb:
  • Use C# for almost everything.
  • Use C/C++ on embedded systems or very specialized, performance intensive, tasks (however you have to master it).
  • Use Java to relax from coding or deliberately slow down your application.

On the serious side, the 'write once, run everywhere' Java slogan still depicts its usefulness.
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Roli Moli 3-Sep-17 4:25am    
first problem is what kind project i can do?
for example i don't know i should game programming or choose desktop or web development. i don't have any light target and can not decide for choose good item.
in my country 90% of people using windows OS. but i like to programming cross platform and create great applications. about i said :"i feel can understand both c++ & java because i know c#", my mean was i can understand all about c++ & java code . i feel i should start a project for professional coding in both languages. thanks
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 4-Sep-17 7:26am    
5ed for Use C# for almost everything..
Roli Moli 4-Sep-17 9:13am    
what id 5ed? excuse me. why c# ?is best for cross plarform?
CPallini 4-Sep-17 15:21pm    
Java is.

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