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Hi all,

I need to add a custom property to a file. The property (ex. comment) must be visible in the detail tab when I open the file with the mouse's right key.

Can you help me?



What I have tried:

I have tried to add a custom property using the DSOFile library.
It's seems works, but if I open the file property I don't see the added property:

Dim file As New OleDocumentProperties
file.Open("C:\Users\mela\Desktop\file.txt", False, dsoFileOpenOptions.dsoOptionDefault)

Dim has_property As Boolean = False
For Each p As DSOFile.CustomProperty In file.CustomProperties
    If p.Name = "Comment" Then
        has_property = True
    End If

If has_property Then
   For Each x As DSOFile.CustomProperty In file.CustomProperties
      'update existing comment
       If x.Name = "Comment" Then
          x.Value = "Updated Comment"
       End If
   'add new comment
    file.CustomProperties.Add("Comment", "Comment Inserted")
End If

Updated 26-Sep-17 9:35am
Richard MacCutchan 26-Sep-17 4:00am    
What is the question?

1 solution

The DSOFile library only applies to Microsoft Office files, and only if they're saved in the old Office 2003 format. It doesn't work with .txt files.

You'll need to P/Invoke the Structured Storage API, or use the Windows API Code Pack to modify the custom properties for regular files. For details, see this Stack Overflow answer[^].
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