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I’m working on a project which is a windows forms app and MDI.
I resolved the file association issue with SDI version but i need to release it with MDI so i tried many things and searches and found nothing.
I need a sample to make my application like word or excel to run from file click "File association" + MDI.
Please I appreciate any help ASAP.

Once you have created the file association it should start your application. It is how your application treats the file passed to it that makes it operate like Word or Excel.

If your problem is that when you click on a file it opens a new instance of your application rather than using the already open one then you need to be searching for c# single instance application. here[^] is one article describing how to do it. There are several ways to do it though so I recommend your searching for yourself and reading a couple of the links.

Good luck. :)
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You could have started by using a search engine!

A search on c# creating a file association has as it's first hit,
Creating File Associations[^] from here on code project
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