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Hi All,
I am having a json like following

I want to Convert the above JSON to c# classs of fallowng
public Class classified{
public string GId{set;get}
public string UID{set;get}
public string UDATE{set;get}
public string MESSAGE{set;get}
public string UPDATEREASON{set;get}

i want to be it generic as i need to write it to many files

What I have tried:

so i tried the following

var SerializedText=["G6863","2010368363","201030821","NewData","Latest"]
JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(SerializedText, typeof(classified)) as classified

but it is throwing fallowing error

Cannot deserialize the current JSON array (e.g. [1,2,3]) into type 'classified' because the type requires a JSON object (e.g. {"name":"value"}) to deserialize correctly.
To fix this error either change the JSON to a JSON object (e.g. {"name":"value"}) or change the deserialized type to an array or a type that implements a collection interface (e.g. ICollection, IList) like List<t> that can be deserialized from a JSON array. JsonArrayAttribute can also be added to the type to force it to deserialize from a JSON array.
Path '', line 1, position 1.
Updated 20-Jan-23 0:36am
Mehdi Gholam 9-Oct-17 2:12am    
An array is not a class, just read the string values and place them in your class yourself.
Jayadeep333 9-Oct-17 2:13am    
is there any way if i convert it json array
Graeme_Grant 9-Oct-17 2:36am    
The error explains it all - it is not valid JSON data. So, is this the complete JSON data? Where is it coming from?
Richard MacCutchan 9-Oct-17 3:41am    
An array of strings is not JSON. You need to write some code to extract the individual items from the array and store them in your properties.

For such of requirements you can use class constructor. See: Constructors (C# Programming Guide) | Microsoft Docs[^]
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You could use something like this:

using System.Text.Json;

namespace TestDictionary;

internal class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        string response = "[\"G6863\",\"2010368363\",\"201030821\",\"NewData\",\"Latest\"]";
        var deserializedResponse = JsonSerializer.Deserialize<string[]>(response);

        var data = new Classified(deserializedResponse);

        // Do something...

public class Classified
    public string GId { set; get; }
    public string UID { set; get; }
    public string UDATE { set; get; }
    public string MESSAGE { set; get; }
    public string UPDATEREASON { set; get; }

    public Classified(string[] data)
        GId = data[0];
        UID = data[1];
        UDATE = data[2];
        MESSAGE = data[3];
        UPDATEREASON = data[4];
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