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i want to create a program which can import an image from an external camera (canon dslr) which will be plugged in to a computer, i want the image to be cropped, same cropping for every image(i.e image maybe 5600pixels by 2000 pixels will be reduced down to 4000pixels by 1500 pixels(CENTRALLY CROPPED), based on height and width of image.


what information will i need to use the camera, and have the program recognise the camera (drivers etc?), and import images from the camera, (im thinking maybe use some software that can take the image and place it in a file then take it from the file) might make it easier,

and is there any crop functions pre made/ take an immage and turn into an array etc or what not

note, im a newbie

What I have tried:

i havent tried anything thus far, all the answers i have been through are for WEBCAMS not external cameras,
Updated 8-Oct-17 21:38pm

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This is not something that a newbie would find easy as there are too many things you need to know. I would suggest getting comfortable with Java to start with (see The Java™ Tutorials[^]). Once you are familiar with the language you can go on to things like image processing etc.
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