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Hello,I don't know why my button doesnt work,for eg I cannot click on the button ,what is wrong here?

<ListBox  x:Name="listbox"

           CorX="{Binding ElementName=sliderX, Path=Value}"
           CorY="{Binding ElementName=sliderY, Path=Value}"
           CorZ="{Binding ElementName=sliderZ, Path=Value}"
               <Style TargetType="{x:Type ListBoxItem}">
                   <Setter Property="HorizontalContentAlignment" Value="Stretch" />
                   <Setter Property="Width" Value="200" />
                   <Setter Property="Height" Value="200" />
                   <Setter Property="Template">
                           <ControlTemplate TargetType="{x:Type ListBoxItem}">
                               <ContentPresenter ContentSource="Content" />
         <Button x:Name="my" Onclick="DoThis"></Button>
Updated 24-Oct-10 19:58pm
Tarun.K.S 26-Oct-10 8:47am    
any success BaharDev?

1 solution

Actually DataTemplate is used to display the items in an ItemsControl like listbox, listview or a combobox.

And this DataTemplate is applied to the ContentPresenter or ContentControl. So you a ContentPresenter is a container for holding the DataTemplate and an ItemsPresenter is a container for holding the ItemTemplate. So that's why your button won't work because its only getting displayed.
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BaharDev 25-Oct-10 5:04am    
thanks tarun for your answer,I quite understood what u said but since i am novice in this area could you tell me how i can manipulate my program in a way that my button works??thank you so much:d
Tarun.K.S 25-Oct-10 5:52am    
ohkay i think i got it! replace onClick with only Click and then bind the button using a Tag to identify the particular and what this button will do.
for example :
<button x:Name="My" Click="DoThis" Tag="{Binding Path=MyId}"/>

you can replace this Id with the values that you have binded to the collection(preferrably ObservableCollection) to enumerate it in the listbox ie. ListBox.ItemsSource=MyIDList
and then you can access your Id or whatever that you want to bind in the function like this :
private void DoThis(object Sender,RoutedEventArgs e)
Button btn=(Button)sender; 'This will identify the button
int MyId=(int)cmd.Tag;
..'Do what you want here!
So now your button should work!
BaharDev 25-Oct-10 21:39pm    
thanks tarun but i think I dont need a tag,since I want to bind image to my button like this:

my image is appearing but the button doesnt work i mean when i move cursor to it ,it's not clickable:(
Tarun.K.S 26-Oct-10 4:26am    
hmmm lemme try this by myself.
one thing that can be done is by enclosing the button with a grid.

Tarun.K.S 26-Oct-10 6:21am    
i just made a simple WPF application and added a button to the data template and its working fine. your itemcontainerstyle is also working fine. but i am not able to understand what your ItemsPanelTemplate is doing.

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