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I have a Web Application hosted on my Web Server and can accessed with INTERNET.

There are couple of pages which are uses Crystal Report object and based on the values the manipulation is done at run time. I wanted a facility of DIRECT PRINTING through the Printer installed on the client machines.

I know that it is not allowed to access the local resources but i am looking any solution if there is any possibility.

Can anyone please share if any solution they have?

What I have tried:

I know that it can be possible through ActiveX but till some extends and only on IE.
But i do not want to use ActiveX because all the manipulation is done on my C# code and it is very complex to send the complete structure with data to the client.
Updated 1-Nov-17 18:39pm
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 1-Nov-17 4:57am    
1. Even IE abandoned ActiveX!!!
2. Why not to use CR's web viewer and let it handle printing?

You cannot access client printer directly, unless they are already configured to be access from the internet.
This may help give you some ideas: Get access to printers from web application - The blog of the Bearded Hacker[^]
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Ajay_Saini 5-Nov-17 1:21am    
Thank you so much for your suggestions.
In the above solutions i had used Trial account of PrintNode and it works great.
Is there any open source item as well? The Google cloud printing is not very much supportive as per the available articles and blogs in internet hence i did not tried it.
I know that it is not allowed to access the local resources

You already know the answer.
Just imagine, you log to a website and your printer start to print endlessly.
It's a dream feature for any malware.
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Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 2-Nov-17 4:18am    
5ed; I was going to cover up the same quote and mock him. :laugh:
Patrice T 2-Nov-17 4:23am    
Thank you
Can you imaging how annoying the internet would be if websites could send things to your printer? This isn't possible for obvious reasons.
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Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 1-Nov-17 6:52am    
So internet not annoying yet?
F-ES Sitecore 1-Nov-17 6:59am    
It's barely tolerable with an ad blocker, a pop-up blocker and a javascript blocker. I don't need a print blocker too :)
OriginalGriff 1-Nov-17 7:01am    
Don't forget the Flash Block, and HTML5 video blocker!
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 1-Nov-17 7:02am    
And now (with Chrome's add-blocker) a blocker-blocker!!!
OriginalGriff 1-Nov-17 7:06am    
What I could use is an adblock spotter blocker ... some sites are using blocker blockers to block my blocker already.
Thanks gentleman's. I know that through internet it is not possible because of the security risks.
However because of some need on my website on specific users i was trying as the printer on the workstations are defined and the need is to print directly to those. I thought that something like WCF service or Windows Service can install on those workstation and through that if the web can send a command but obviously it was just my assumption which i an not sure if practically possible.
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