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Hi everyone i was wondering how i can make a virus database all i need to know is how to make a virus database with one virus and i can figure out the rest.(i have a list of virus sha1 hashes and names (e.g.Trojen horse)) So how do i make this sort of db and also how do i connect it to, Please dont say (a antivirus is rubbish ect. It's just for me on my computer a fun little project. Thanks in advanced everyone. 

What I have tried:

To be honest i really am no sure how but i'm interested. Ive got a way to scan my computer using a list of sha1 hashes but id like it to show the virus name aswell (the definition) would be cool
Updated 3-Nov-17 6:16am

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Um. You don't. There are problems here, and the first one is the assumption that "a list of virus sha1 hashes" is going to be useful to you - it isn't. SHA1 Hashes - like all other hashes - are a number which is generated from a block of data, and you can't identify a virus by using an SHA1 hash value of a file, because a file infected by "ImAVirus" does not automatically get the "ImAVirus" hash value - the content of the file in total generates the hash value. Two separate and different file infected by the same virus will have completely different SHA1 hashes. The only way to use a hash of any kind to "detect" a virus is you compare a hash value before it was infected with the current hash value - if it is different, then the file has been changed and that might be as a result of virus infection, but isn't guaranteed.

You can create a database of them if you want - that's simple, just create a table with an ID column, a Name column, and a 20 binary byte hash column. But it really, really, won't do you any good at all.
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OfficalCodexPH 3-Nov-17 12:21pm    
@Or OriginalGriff Ok dude so how could i go about making a small antivirus for my computer with signiture/ virus name for example just 2 viruses how could i detect them in
OriginalGriff 3-Nov-17 12:43pm    
It's not that simple. Start by looking at just how big the problem is:
It's just an overview, but even it says that Symantec spend months analysing viruses and devising detection methods for them - and that's a company with 11,000 employees! If just 10% of them are in development / detection, that's the equivelant of 3,000 to 4,000 man-months a year, every year - just on new viruses.

I know this seems like a good idea, but TBH you will be producing something with very little use, even for yourself - and that actually poses a risk to your own computer, since you will need virus samples (and lots of them) to test your app against. Some of those are pretty nasty, pretty subtle little bastards - and one tiny slip by you, one little visit from your mate, one email at the wrong time, and you could have some real problems.

I'd strongly recommend you find a better project - this is not a good area for "beginner experimentation" at all.
OfficalCodexPH 3-Nov-17 12:26pm    
Or how do antivirus tools find viruses? and how could i do the same in
OriginalGriff 3-Nov-17 12:45pm    
You would have to ask them.
And - trust me on this - they are not going to tell you.
Why not? Because it's core to their business model, and also they do not want to give the virus writers any ideas that would let them produce a work around.
OfficalCodexPH 3-Nov-17 12:30pm    
Like for example virustotal has loads of antivirus database stuff so it can scan a file and says what virus it is (trojen horse) or if its clean

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