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I was going to send a struct from a client to a server using boost::asio::async_write_some, in this case boost::serialization and boost::property_tree come to help,

struct blank
    int m_id;
    std::string m_message;

    template<typename archive>
    void serialize(archive& ar, const short version)
        ar & m_id;
        ar & m_message;

blank info;

info.m_id = 1;
info.m_name = "Rasul";

std::stringstream ss;
boost::archive::binary_oarchive out_archive(ss);

out_archive << info;
So, now how can I send/receive out_archive using boost::asio asynchronously .. or

boost::property_tree::ptree root;
root.put("id", 2);
root.put("name", "Rasul");

How can I send/receive root using boost::asio asynchronously??? (If you have some other ideas please share them)

What I have tried:

i have tried many things, but could not find the answer of my question.Please help me to deal with this code.Thank you in advance!
Updated 16-Nov-17 2:30am

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