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Before I waste too much time on this, I'd like to know whether it's possible, or desirable to attempt what I think I need to do. Advice on a better way is most welcome.

I have 1 to N .csv files - the number depends on user selections - that I need to get from a folder. My understanding is that the Jet4.0 provider will do this nicely, and differentiate between text and numeric fields. Since there may be duplicate records in a batch (damn those stupid users), I plan to use Jet4.0 to import the data into a Dataset, then use a query to remove the duplicates. Not sure how to do that exactly, but I'll figure it out. Then I'll sort the data based on a two-field primary key consisting of the date and meter identifier (these are power meter readings emailed to us daily).

Once the information is suitably massaged, I then want to move it to a SQL Server instance on the office server using the SQL Server provider. Is that even possible? Can I use one provider to populate and manipulate the dataset, then use another to move it elsewhere? I haven't seen any examples anywhere of this being done, so I have no clue, and I'd hate to waste a week trying to do what can't be done.

Is there a smarter way to approach this problem?

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Yeah, Roger , there is one smarter way to do this.
did you know about SSIS (Microsoft Business Intelligence Studio) ?
IF you have a set up of SSIS ? Please let me know the version .
I will give you whole step to do these task .
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Roger Wright 27-Oct-10 1:26am    
Thank you, Rahul, but while I might be able to add SSIS at home, we don't have it at work and probably won't be installing it. I'm the one handling this processing right now, but as soon as I can simplify the process I plan to pass it on to someone else to do, and that requires that I stick to commonly available tools that we all share. The way things work at my company, I get all the crap work that no one can figure out, I simplify it, then I get to pass it on to someone else to do, so long as it costs nothing.

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