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Hello everybody,

I have an employee table with three columns, they are emp_id, emp_name and emp_add.

How to set emp_id auto generated by 1? using query.

Thank you.
Updated 27-Oct-10 3:37am
Dalek Dave 27-Oct-10 9:10am    
Edited for Grammar and Syntax.

go to design view and select data type as int now u will get properties there u need to put isidentityspecification make it yes and set seed value and increment value

Or by query use it

ALTER TABLE table-Name
    ADD COLUMN column-definition |
    ADD CONSTRAINT clause |
    DROP { PRIMARY KEY | FOREIGN KEY constraint-name | UNIQUE
     constraint-name | CHECK constraint-name | CONSTRAINT constraint-name }
    ALTER column-alteration |
Simple-column-Name DataType
[ Column-Level-Constraint ]*
[ [ WITH ] DEFAULT {ConstantExpression | NULL } ]
column-Name SET DATA TYPE VARCHAR(integer) |
column-name SET INCREMENT BY integer-constant
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One of the ways:
1. Go to 'Design Table'
2. Select the column of 'emp_id'
3. See at the properties of the column below.
4. There is an option of making it if 'Identity' column - mark it yes
5. You can also define the increment to any number. By default it is 1.
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