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In my application the user can click a button which opens an instance of Outlook and composes the Email. The user then can edit it if they wish before clicking send.

The problem i have is when the user clicks send the Outlook application closes, leaving the Email in the Outbox folder until Outlook is opened again, this will obviously lead to problems so i wondered if there was a way to keep Outlook open until Mail is sent, or force it to send right away.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


What I have tried:

The Namespace.Send/Recieve method i have come across online did not work for me,

I have tried a Do Until loop using the MailItem.Sent Boolean which just locked up my computer.

I tried to check for running processes after the Item is sent, and if Outlook wasn't there then to Start a new process. Which kind of works but it's not what i would like really.
Maciej Los 4-Jan-18 12:40pm
You have to share your code to find out why such of thing happens.
Is it Outlook Addin? If it's, you may add event handler for Sent event. See: knowing when a specific mail item has been sent[^]

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