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Hi All,

Can any suggest we best practice to save JS code Area wise in MVC.
currently I found in many application JS code is writtern in .cshml


All JS code is find in .cshtml

Can I crate dedicated JS Area wise? Any best practice suggestion here?
Thanks in advance.

What I have tried:

No nothing so far. I am just look at various projects.
[no name] 18-Jan-18 7:55am    
Yes you can go with dedicated js code area wise and can place them in views shared folder
David_Wimbley 18-Jan-18 14:02pm    
When you create a new project doesn't it auto create a Scripts folder and you just put your JS in there? If thats not what you want you are free to put it anywhere you want and just reference it in your BundleConfig.cs file.
Sanjay Sharma 19-Jan-18 0:23am    
If I have account.js & Profile.js won't you think adding both at BundleConfig load the file when actually I need only one at a time?
David_Wimbley 19-Jan-18 10:46am    
Create a bundle per page so that you only have relevant JS for each page. I'm of the opinion that it probably doesn't really matter as most of the stuff i work on...trying to save a few milliseconds of download speed isn't crucial for me so i just use BundleConfig.cs

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Adding that in
don't you think that will added when those script are actually not required?

Assume I have "Account" & "Profile" functionality js for both is different.
If I add then in
won't both js get loaded where I might not need both at same time.
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Richard Deeming 19-Jan-18 11:20am    
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