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I have a table like:

Brand     Price   Colour  Size
addidas   500     Black    7
Nike      400     Blue     8
Reebok    200     Red      9

I need to transpose it like:

AttributeName    AttributeValue

Brand                addidas
Price                 500
Colour                Black
Size                   7
Brand                 Nike
Price                 400
Colour                Blue
Size                   8
Brand                 Reebok
Price                  200        
Colour                 Red
Size                    9

What I have tried:

No source still found only found to transpose to row to column vice solutions
Updated 1-Feb-18 9:09am

1 solution

As per your requirement I make below solution.Though it is not good approach.
//Create Table
  id int,
  brand varchar(20) ,
  price int,
  color varchar(20),
  size int
) ;

//Insert rows into table
INSERT INTO a (id,brand,price,color,size)
(1,'addidas', 500 ,'Black', 7),
(2,'Nike', 400 ,'Blue' ,8),
(3,'Reebok', 200 ,'Red' ,6) ;

Query to get the required output is
select  AttributeName,AttributeValue from 
(select,1 as 'colid','brand' as 'AttributeName', brand as 'AttributeValue' from a
select,2 as 'colid','price' , price from a
select,3 as 'colid','color',color from a
select ,4 as 'colid','size',size from a
)x order by,x.colid

Here colid variable is used to get the attribute value by required order.
Out put is available in This link
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