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i have code which ginves me the max and min of the speed of some fan , but when i ruf this code the speed can go more than max , for example : the max is 100 , and the speed is 110.
so i need to let the speed moves between max and min .

What I have tried:

senveolp_ret.Max_sp  = interpolate_2k(poly_test[i].Max_sp  , closetPolygon.Max_sp, distance);
senveolp_ret.Min_sp  = interpolate_2k(poly_test[i].Min_sp  , closetPolygon.Min_sp, distance);
// her i get max and min
Updated 1-Feb-18 1:55am
Richard MacCutchan 1-Feb-18 5:26am    
CPallini 1-Feb-18 5:30am    
Please restate more clearly your question. I don't get you.
BaselAla 1-Feb-18 6:19am    
so i think the error is in my software files , becuase there are more than one channel to it.
i thank you for your time (:
nv3 1-Feb-18 8:55am    
Apparently you are determining the max and min speed by feeding in a bunch of values and doing a polygon interpolation. That however just gives you an approximation and the real maximum speed can be higher. You should re-think your algorithm and what you really want to achieve with it.

1 solution

So something is wrong - but what? Maybe your fan has to much speed or some bug in your code. At first: check the input and provide some logging with a fix.

I would search a good place in the code and write it this way by providing some output
//HACK: limiting the speed
if( speed > 100 ) {
  printf("speed %ld is too high. Settting max to 100", speed );
  speed = 100;
Nevertheless you should find the real cause of your issue.
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