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What are the best ways to create a Listener in ASP .NET?
I have Data coming from API (Sending GPS data - post method).Data is in JSON format.

Now i want to take the data and save it in my Database by writting any service / listener / or any other method so that i can keep listen every 2 to 3 minitus and save the data autometically.
The Response Body is:
"unitCodes": [
"fields": [

Is there any way to achieve this??? Please some one help me out on this.

What I have tried:

I have tried with writing a console application and im not getting response back and not sure how to catch up the data.
Updated 18-Mar-18 21:07pm
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 18-Mar-18 18:15pm    
It is not clear how you got to ASP.NET... Check about windows services...
Richard Deeming 19-Mar-18 12:51pm    
You have already posted this question, albeit with much less information:[^]

You should delete the previous copy of this question, since it has less information.

In future, if you want to update your question, click the green "Improve question" link and edit your question.

1 solution

You may try looking at [ASP.NET SignalR] to push data in a certain time. See: Integrating with ASP.NET SignalR push services[^]

If you are looking for a job scheduler. There are a few options that are out there which can use to implement and run scheduled jobs in ASP.NET. Some of the popular out there are Quartz.Net, FluentScheduler and HangFire.

Here are some great examples that might help you get started:
(1)Scheduled Tasks In ASP.NET With Quartz.Net[^]
(2)Schedule Background Jobs Using Hangfire In ASP.NET Core[^]

Otherwise, as already suggested, you could create and run a windows service to do this.
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