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I have four dropdowns each in its own viewcomponent.

I dont want to impose an order on how the user select from them - each one will filter the contents of the other three and the perspective of the user will govern which one they start from.

Taken in order the route would be:


Assume the user chooses from list 4 - this generates a post back

And then 1 (but not loosing choice 4), triggering

Is this possible or do I have to go in order or use a key/value dictionary as a single parameter?

What I have tried:

I have tried a catchall parameter on the route, initial tests are not encouraging.
Updated 20-Apr-18 0:11am
dan!sh 19-Apr-18 2:17am    
Can you change the URL to use query string? If yes, that along with optional parameter in C# methods should work out for you.
Ger Hayden 19-Apr-18 7:09am    
Thank you lw@zi, I should be able to change the URL to use query string. I will need to investigate how, but since it is my own project I have full control over what I try. This is the answer I needed to this question.
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 19-Apr-18 4:48am    
Must all selection have an immediate postback?
Ger Hayden 19-Apr-18 7:07am    
Yes, if I persist with having each in its own view component because the selection is needed to refine the other dropdowns. But I'm thinking if I go with partials I might be able get around that.

My immediate requirement is to establish if what I have outlined is possible. If so then I will invest time in figuring it out but if not, then I try something else like partials.

I am not looking for suggested solutions or sample code at this point.
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 19-Apr-18 7:13am    
If you are looking for a confirmation, then - yes it is possible...
Probably you can not use the common (auto-postback) route, but intercept selection-change and to your own callback...

1 solution

Now Im thinking of introucing a new lead parameter called "journeySelectors".

The value of "journeySelectors" will be interrogated to decide what of the four driving parameters have values need to be handled.

"journeySelectors" will follow the example of "enDays" here from github
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