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Dear All, I appreciate if someone helps me to solve my problem. I have a form like Export Form in C# windows application and there are picture box and DataGridView. I want to Send both picture box and DataGridView Rows to Crystal Report.

Actually, I can pass both but picture in one crystal report and Datagridview to another Crystal report. but when I put together in one Crystal Report it shows me the error. The error that shows in bold font.

I appreciate if someone helps me.

Here is my Code:

What I have tried:

//Picture Code
            ApplicationDataSet ApplicationInvoiceDataSet = new ApplicationDataSet();
            ExportInvoiceCrystal ExportInvoiceInfo = new ExportInvoiceCrystal();
            System.IO.MemoryStream SIMS = new System.IO.MemoryStream();

            #region Image
            ExportInvoiceImage.Image.Save(SIMS, ExportInvoiceImage.Image.RawFormat);
            byte[] ExportByte = new byte[0];
            ExportByte = SIMS.ToArray();

// ========================================================

// DataGridView Code

            DataSet DataGridDataSet = new DataSet();
            DataTable DataGridDataTable = new DataTable();
            DataGridDataTable.Columns.Add("ItemNo", typeof(Int64));
            DataGridDataTable.Columns.Add("ItemName", typeof(string));
            DataGridDataTable.Columns.Add("ItemQuantity", typeof(Int64));
            DataGridDataTable.Columns.Add("ItemPrice", typeof(double));
            DataGridDataTable.Columns.Add("ItemTotal", typeof(double));
            foreach (DataGridViewRow DataGridRows in DataGridExportItem.Rows)
                DataGridRows.Cells[1].Value, DataGridRows.Cells[2].Value, 
                DataGridRows.Cells[3].Value, DataGridRows.Cells[4].Value);
Updated 8-Dec-19 9:46am

You can't set multiple datatables or datasets as a source for crystal report, but... you can pass single DataSet. See:

//Picture Code
//... your code here...
//Note: do not use SetDataSource yet!

//DataGridView Code
//... your code here...
//ApplicationInvoiceDataSet contains ["ImageDataTable"] already
//add DataGridView data

For further details, please see: Creating Crystal Report with Multiple Tables in ASP.NET[^]
Thanks my dear, I solved my problem
Maciej Los 8-Dec-19 15:52pm
You're very welcome.

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