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I have created few HTML controls dynamically on Page load.
My Code looks like this:

<pre>Protected Sub Page_Load(sender as Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
      Dim sb As New StringBuilder
      Dim i as Integer = 0
      sb.Append("<table class ='tabledata' id='tblContent'>")
        For Each item As myObject In myList
            i += 1
            sb.Append("<textarea runat='server' id=txt_comments" & i & " 
                        name='txt_comments' rows='5' cols='60'></textarea></td>")          
        myDiv.InnerHtml = sb.ToString 
     End Sub  

From the above code,
I am creating
HTML control dynamically on Page load by using stringbuilder and finally assiging this string to my div which is present in .aspx page

<div id="myDiv" runat="server">

I am able to view my dynamically created controls on Page load.

Now I want to access the values from these textboxes in a button click event(Save).

How do i do that?
Any Help?
Thanks in advance.

What I have tried:

I tried using Page.FindControl method. But it is throwing null reference errors.
Updated 14-May-18 22:59pm
[no name] 14-May-18 23:24pm    
Saying you "used" a method (FindControl); "but it didn't work"; is not particularly "informative".

Shall we "guess" at some answers and have you run around?

1 solution

Forget the "runat" attribute, that doesn't work on controls created this way which are effectively basic html controls. Second you need a unique name for the element, might as well make it the same as the id

sb.Append("<textarea id=txt_comments" & i & " 
                        name='txt_comments" & i & "' rows='5' cols='60'></textarea></td>")   

In your code-behind you can read the value from the Request.Form collection based on the name


The alternative would be to actually create server-side controls like a TextBox and add it to the page's Controlls collection. If you google " create dynamic controls" you'll find lots of examples of how to do that.
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