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My Request is :

<pre> string FormName = "frmTransaction";
                string Method = "post";
                string V3URL = "";

                Response.Write(string.Format("</head><body onload=\"document.{0}.submit()\">", FormName));
                Response.Write(string.Format("<form name=\"{0}\" method=\"{1}\" action=\"{2}\" >", FormName, Method, V3URL));

                Response.Write("<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"TransactionID\" value=" + Request.QueryString["TransId"] + " />");
                Response.Write("<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"SecretKey\" value=" + ApplicationConfig.EbsSecretKey + " />");
                Response.Write("<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"AccountID\" value=" + ApplicationConfig.EbsAccountId + " />");
                Response.Write("<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PaymentID\" value=" + Request.QueryString["PayMId"] + " />");
                Response.Write("<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"Action\" value=\"status\" />");

My Output descriped below:
<output accountId="test" amount="500.00" billingAddress="India " billingCity="Namakkal" billingCountry="IND" billingEmail="" billingName="Avail" billingPhone="xxxx" billingPostalCode="600001" billingState="Tnadu" dateCreated="2018-05-16 11:58:22" deliveryAddress="" deliveryCity="" deliveryCountry="INR" deliveryName="" deliveryPhone="xxxxxxxxx" deliveryPostalCode="" deliveryState="" description="" gwAuthId="0000" gwReciptNo="0000" isFlagged="NO" mode="TEST" paymentId="102591103" paymentMethod="1001" paymentMode="Credit Card" processed="Yes" referenceNo="17181" status="Captured" transactionId="302443643"/>

What I have tried:

I need to Check the Transaction Status from this page How can i Check. Please Provide Sample Code. can you please help to get a output immediately thank you
Updated 15-May-18 22:24pm

You can't "convert output to C# code" - C# is a programming language, not a database.
What you have there is what looks like a fragment of XML data - it may be possible to design a class to hold such data, but the data itself cannot be converted to code per se.
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What your code is doing is making html that will cause the browser to request the url and show the result, but that's not what you want, you want your code-behind to request the url and get the result. To do that you'll need to POST to the url programatically. Look at the "HttpClient" post code in the link below

C# – Several Ways To Perform Http GET and POST Requests | Yusuf Setiawan's Blog[^]

Your dictionary of values will be things like

"TransactionID", Request.QueryString["TransId"],
// add the rest of your key\value pairs here
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