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<output  accountId="12345"  amount="200.00"  billingAddress="India"  billingCity="Namakkal"  billingCountry="IND" 
 billingEmail=""  billingName="Avail"  billingPhone="9593020130"  billingPostalCode="637001" 
  billingState="Tnadu"  dateCreated="2018-05-16 11:58:22"  deliveryAddress=""  deliveryCity=""  deliveryCountry="INR" 
   deliveryName=""  deliveryPhone="9593020130"  deliveryPostalCode=""  deliveryState=""  description=""  gwAuthId="0000" 
    gwReciptNo="0000"  isFlagged="NO"  mode="TEST"  paymentId="102591231103"  
	paymentMethod="1001"  paymentMode="Credit Card"  processed="Yes"  referenceNo="17181"  status="Captured"  transactionId="31041233643"  />

What I have tried:

How to Generate New Class file Class.cs
And How to deserialization these Output in C#
Updated 30-May-18 1:16am
F-ES Sitecore 30-May-18 6:19am    
google "serialise deserialise object c#", this is a very well documented subject.
V Senthil Kumar 30-May-18 6:29am    
I don't Know how to deserialization .can you please elaborate which method we are going to use?

1 solution

There are several articles here on CodeProject that discuss deserializing XML.

CodeProject Search: "deserialize xml"

If you want to actually generate a c# class based on that XML, there are several articles on CodeProject that discuss that very topic.

CodeProject article search: "generate class from xml"
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