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char c;
printf("enter y for yes and n for no \n");
execute some statements

some statements
Updated 15-May-19 11:42am
Prerak Patel 17-Oct-11 8:02am
Not a question. Read some books, do Google and do it on your own.

You'll have to take input from user in JS prompt then do some thing like this in PHP

echo("Enter Y for yes and N for no")

if(//prompt value here == "Y")

php dose not have a console to enter user input it just work under server side web page
If you want to run php in the console has a simple solution that works from version 4 of php until today (my version is 7.2) that is the readline.
Unfortunately he needs the user to press enter after typing
$c = readline("Enter y for yes and n for no and press enter to confirm\n");
$c = strtolower($c);
if ($c == 'y' || $c == 'yes' ) {
    echo 'You chose yes' . PHP_EOL;
} else {
    echo 'You chose no [' . $c . ']' . PHP_EOL;
echo 'exiting program...' . PHP_EOL;

You can also use the stream_get_line function

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