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I want to hash my passwords in codeigniter.I can't find a way around it
this is my insert model.the password is encrypted when inserting the client details.
I cant decrypt it when logging in

What I have tried:

<pre>public function insert_client($codeDigits)
      $hash = $this->hash($_POST['Password']);
        $response = $this->taken_email($_POST['Email']);
            $returned = false;
                $this->FirstName    = $_POST['FirstName']; // please read the below note
                $this->LastName    = $_POST['LastName'];
                $this->Email     = $_POST['Email'];  
                $this->Role_Id     = 2;  
                $this->Password = $hash;
                $this->PhoneNo    = $_POST['PhoneNo'];
                $this->confirmCode    = $codeDigits;
                $this->db->insert('users', $this);

                $returned = true;
            return $returned;

this is my password hash model
public function hash($password)
       $hash = password_hash($password,PASSWORD_DEFAULT);
       return $hash;

   //verify password
   public function verifyHash($password,$vpassword)
           return TRUE;
           return FALSE;

during login i can't decrypt the password,the password get encrypted in the database correctly anyway.
public function login_model($email,$password)
       $this->db->where(' Email',$email);
       $this->db->where('Role_Id !=',1);
       $query = $this->db->get();

       if($query->num_rows() > 0)
           $results = $query->row(); 
           // storing the results in the variable $data

           foreach($results as $data)
               if($this->verifyHash($this->$password,$data->password == TRUE))
                   $dat = array(
                'id_user' => $data->id_User,
                'FirstName' => $data->FirstName,
                'LastName' => $data->LastName,
                'Phonenumber' => $data->PhoneNo,                  
                'Email' => $data->Email,
                'role' => $data->Role_Id,
                'imageUrl' => $data->imageUrl,
                'category_id' => $data->category_id,
                'IdType' => $data->IdType,
                'IdNumber' => $data->IdNumber,
                'DOB' => $data->DOB,
                'confirmCode' => $data->confirmCode,
                'confirmed' => $data->confirmed,
                'Points'=> $data->Points                  
              return true;
           return false;

this is my login function in the controller
public function post_login()

		$this->form_validation->set_rules('Email', 'Email', 'trim|required|min_length[6]');
		$this->form_validation->set_rules('Password', 'Password', 'trim|required|min_length[6]');

		if($this->form_validation->run() == TRUE ){ 
                //test for redirect
            if($_SESSION['confirmed'] == true) {
                if ($_SESSION['role'] == 2) {


                } else if ($_SESSION['role'] == 3) {




                // test for redirect
				$this->session->set_flashdata('err', true);



How can I decrypt the password when logging in.
Updated 30-Jul-20 18:48pm

he password is encrypted when inserting the client details.
I cant decrypt it when logging in

No ! the password is not encrypted, it is hashed, and those are 2 different beasts.
By design, hash can not be reversed.
Hash function - Wikipedia[^]
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Member 13053943 6-Jun-18 10:19am    
@ppolymophe can you help me to hash the password when they enter it,compare it with the one in the database so they can log in
Richard Deeming 6-Jun-18 10:56am    
Remove the password filter from your query, since the raw password will never match the hashed password:

You also seem to have a parenthesis in the wrong position:
if($this->verifyHash($this->$password,$data->password == TRUE))
should be:
if($this->verifyHash($this->$password,$data->password) == TRUE)
Member 13053943 8-Jun-18 6:37am    
thank you.i get your idea but it still didn't work
i removed this from the query

and also changed
if($this->verifyHash($this->$password,$data->password) == TRUE)

if($this->verifyHash($password,$data->Password) == TRUE)
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