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I am using itextsharp dll in a C# project and I need to use the project in Microsoft Access.

I need to be able to register the dll's for it to work but everytime I use regasm.exe I get "RegAsm : warning RA0000 : No types were registered".

Is there anything way of registering itextsharp or is there a better way of deploying my project and use it Access?

What I have tried:

I have tried using different versions of Regasm and I tried Regsvr32 but I get "DIIRegisterServer was not found".

I know I am able to do it by registering through Visual Studio but I need to do it manually so it can be deployed to an end users PC.
Updated 11-Jun-18 0:47am
BillWoodruff 11-Jun-18 0:41am    
Consider posting your question as an issue on the ITextSharp open-source project page.
F-ES Sitecore 11-Jun-18 4:33am    
You can only "register" COM DLLs, if iTextSharp isn't a COM DLL then you can't register it or use it with COM-based languages like VBA. As suggested you'll need to write your own COM object in c# that exposes methods that can be used by VBA and those methods will use iTextSharp. You might even find someone has already written one if you google "itextsharp com wrapper"

All exposed classes and methods have have the comvisible attribute. If textsharp classes/methods don’t have that attribute, you’ll probably have to write a wrapper assembly that does it.

I’m just guessing, I don’t know anything about itextsharp, and abhor MS Access and VBA.
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I am using itextsharp dll in a C# project and I need to use the project in Microsoft Access.

Not sure what you need... Do you want to register itextsharp.dll or c# project (exported to dll) in MS Access?

If you want to use your c# project in VBA, i'd strongly recommend to read this: Exposing .NET Framework Components to COM | Microsoft Docs[^]

A complete instruction how to create a dll for VBA, you'll find here: How to create C# or VB.Net DLLs for VB or VBA in Access or Excel[^]
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