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hello i have this program >>i want to add this two Operator (^ and %) but i dont know how
this is the program its work when i dont write in the string post_exp (% or ^) but i want to write them pls help me

What I have tried:

// CPP Program to convert postfix to prefix
#include <iostream>
#include <stack>
using namespace std;

// function to check if character is operator or not
bool isOperator(char x) {
switch (x) {
case '+':
case '-':
case '/':
case '*':
case '^':
case '%':
	return true;
return false;

// Convert postfix to Prefix expression
string postToPre(string post_exp) {
stack<string> s;

// length of expression
int length = post_exp.size();

// reading from right to left
for (int i = 0; i < length; i++) {

	// check if symbol is operator
	if (isOperator(post_exp[i])) {

	// pop two operands from stack
	string op1 =;
	string op2 =;

	// concat the operands and operator
	string temp = post_exp[i] + op2 + op1;

	// Push string temp back to stack

	// if symbol is an operand
	else {

	// push the operand to the stack
	s.push(string(1, post_exp[i]));

// stack[0] contains the Prefix expression

// Driver Code
int main() {
string post_exp = "A%BC/-AK/L-*^";
cout << "Prefix : " << postToPre(post_exp);
return 0;
Updated 23-Jun-18 4:56am
Patrice T 23-Jun-18 5:39am    
And you have a problem or a question ?
كايو تشان 23-Jun-18 9:07am    
Patrice T 23-Jun-18 10:20am    
but we have to guess
CPallini 23-Jun-18 9:09am    
What is the problem? Could you please elaborate?
كايو تشان 23-Jun-18 11:53am    
the problem is that i don't know how put power(^) and Modulo(%) in this program i tried but it did not work

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