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I have a given string. Before adding it to the database, i need to check, if a final space is given. If yes it should delete them.

How can i do this?

What I have tried:

I tried that one

input.split(' ').join('');
. That one removes all spaces.
Updated 26-Jun-18 6:37am
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 26-Jun-18 8:22am    
Only final? Not leading?
F-ES Sitecore 26-Jun-18 8:26am    
google "javascript remove trailing space" and you'll get the answer in seconds.
Sascha Manns 26-Jun-18 8:26am    
Yes just the final one.

For cleaning both leading and trailing white-spaces there is a trim() method...
There is also trimEnd() and trimStart(), but some of the browsers does not support them...
For all there is the regex approach (trim() is actually a wrapper for this)...
input.replace(/\s+$/, '');
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Sascha Manns 26-Jun-18 8:41am    
Great thank you very much.
Maciej Los 26-Jun-18 13:51pm    
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 26-Jun-18 15:00pm    
Thank you...
Regex for this is overkill. There is no need for the performance hit for such a simple task. I would say the fastest is to check if there is a final space and then update;

private static bool CheckEndingBlank(ref string str)
    if (str[str.Length - 1] == ' ')
        str = str.TrimEnd(' ');
        return true;
    return false;

I am assuming here that you really do want to know if the last character is a space and want to remove the all trailing spaces.
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Maciej Los 26-Jun-18 13:53pm    
[no name] 1-Jul-18 12:27pm    
Hopefully nobody will use it with an empty string ;)
Clifford Nelson 17-Jul-18 19:58pm    
Well that is true. If it is possible then you would need to add a check. You could make it a condition, and then should have a Debug.Assert. :-}
As you already got answers, here is a few interesting links to help building and debugging RegEx.

Here is a link to RegEx documentation:
perlre -[^]
Here is links to tools to help build RegEx and debug them:
.NET Regex Tester - Regex Storm[^]
Expresso Regular Expression Tool[^]
RegExr: Learn, Build, & Test RegEx[^]
This one show you the RegEx as a nice graph which is really helpful to understand what is doing a RegEx:
Debuggex: Online visual regex tester. JavaScript, Python, and PCRE.[^]
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Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 26-Jun-18 9:35am    
Add to your list :-)
Patrice T 26-Jun-18 9:51am    
Thank you,
I will see to them after work.
Patrice T 26-Jun-18 16:38pm    
Added to my references.
But I like Debuggex better than regexper because it also allow to test what match the Regex.
Sascha Manns 26-Jun-18 9:42am    
Thank you for your Links. That helps a lot.
Patrice T 26-Jun-18 9:50am    
Thank you,
I particularly like the debuggex
If you want to remove space at begin and end of a string, use the below

var str = "       Hello World!     ";
var trim = str.trim()

If you want to remove space only at the end of a string, use the below

var str = "       Hello World!     ";
var trim = str.replace(/(\s+$)/g, "")

Hope this helps you.
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Sascha Manns 26-Jun-18 9:43am    
Thank you very much for helping.

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