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I have an excel file and I need to find the repetations of data in a column ...

I am Comparing a single string with each data of that column and finding for a match and it's working fine for small column datas..

But the problem is that as there are larger data in a column (say 2000 rows) the program is taking longer time for execution than expected.

Can anyone suggest me any simpler time saving method to quickly find for repetations in a excel file...

I hope U understand.

For Rep As Integer = 1 To 100
                    Obj = CType(range.Cells(Rep, cCnt), Range)
                    If Obj.value <> Nothing Then
                        arr1 = Obj.value
                        arr1 = "NL"
                    End If
                    For Rep1 As Integer = Rep + 1 To 100
                        Obj = CType(range.Cells(Rep1, cCnt), Range)
                        If Obj.value <> Nothing Then
                            arr2 = Obj.value
                            arr2 = "NL"
                        End If
                        If arr1.Equals(arr2) Then
                            Comp += 1
                        End If

From the comp value I am determining whether data is repeted or not

1 solution

Try sorting your data first. This can boost performance by breaking your inner loop as soon as data changes.
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Be Yourself 7-Nov-10 3:43am    
Which type of sorting should I Use to reduce the Execution time??
Quick Sort or Radix Sort or Bubble Sort???
dmageiras 7-Nov-10 6:53am    
quick sort is faster than bubble sort, but I suggest you to use excel embedded sorting

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