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Need to remove duplicates in arraylist in javascript...

<!DOCTYPE html>

Try it

function myFunction() {
var array =
{"name":"Bob", "age":17},
{"name":"Bob", "age":17},
{"name":"Carl", "age": 35}

var t = [];
for (var x = 0; x &lt; array.length; x++) {
if (t.indexOf(array[x].name) == -1) t.push(array[x].name);

//My expect results
var t =
{"name":"Bob", "age":17},
{"name":"Carl", "age": 35}

What I have tried:

I have tried the below code...
plz help..
thanks Advance
Updated 26-Jul-18 22:31pm
venkatesh (chennai) 27-Jul-18 6:10am    
// Removed Duplicate values
var result = array.filter(function (el, i, x) {
return x.some(function (obj, j) {
return === && (x = j);
}) && i == x;

1 solution

The problem you have here is that you are just pushing the name. More importantly, you are going to face an issue where what you are trying to find is a complex type so you are going to have to roll your own implementation. Fortunately, that's a pretty trivial thing to do. First of all, you would simply add your own version of indexOf (something like this will do):
Array.prototype.complexIndexOf = function(type) {
  for (var x = 0; x < this.length; x++) {
    if (this[x].id === && this[x].name ===
	  return i;
  return -1;
With this prototype in place, you simply change the condition in your for loop to:
if (t.complexIndexOf(array[x]))t.push(array);
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