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I have been tasked with editing and updating a website by a client.
I am not a programmer (I think it is important that I start there) and I am trying to update a website hosted on a server using the cpanel. The client sent me a PDF I have to add on the website ASAP. I have already managed to upload the PDF but I just need to make it show on the website. This PDF is supposed to be downloadable from the website by clicking on a drop down tab on the home page and selecting it. I would appreciate some assistance with this issue, please.
I know the piece of code I need to add but I am just having trouble locating which file I need to actually add it to.

What I have tried:

I have tried using "Inspect Element" on Chrome to locate the right file but that also confused me. There seems to be many other files with the same name and I do not want to screw up a client's website by changing the wrong things.

I know the homepage is normally “index.html” or “index.php” (not exactly sure) so I searched for it but I am seeing tons of results in the File Manager.

I opened the one in “public_html” but I do not seem to see anything I saw on "Inspect Element".
Updated 30-Jul-18 4:27am

I have been tasked with editing and updating a website by a client.

Looks like you are just not qualified for the job.
This PDF is supposed to be downloadable from the website by clicking on a drop down tab on the home page and selecting it. I would appreciate some assistance with this issue, please.

Your question is next to impossible to answer without having access to the site.
There is literally hundreds of framework for website design, each implying a different solution.

Website design/admin is a real job
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Sifeziwe Mpanza 30-Jul-18 9:29am    
Trust me, this is exactly what I told my boss but he wants to cut costs by not hiring someone for it. And since I'm the "IT guy" in the office, he figured I could do it. Unfortunately he is the type that does not take excuses. So since I'm new and still an intern, I pretty much have to kiss ass and play nice.
I have done something like this before on a school project, using FileZilla but it was not for a full website and I knew where everything was. I thought that since I've done something similar in the past, I'd be able to do this.

So there is no standard structure for website files? Like, if the website was handed over to a new service provider (which is the case here), can they not just go to a particular directory where they will know for sure that the home page (at the very least) is there?
Come on, there has to be some guidance you can give me.

The best I can do here is maybe upload some screeshots, if that will help in any way.
Try clicking on the download tab for a similar file (hopefully this functionality is already there) and see what file gets opened in your browser. Then go and look for that in cPanel - use the full directory path to try and find it.

But yes, this is what happens to real developers (which I used to be) - you get dumped with a load of code that you've never seen before and told to fix it yesterday! You just have to look at it and try to figure it out.

Is this website visible on the internet? If so, give us a URL to look at.

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Sifeziwe Mpanza 31-Jul-18 2:03am    
Thank you Graham, I will try that when I get the time today. A lot of other stuff has been dumped on me just this morning. The site is, it is visible
Sifeziwe Mpanza 31-Jul-18 2:03am    
The file I am trying to add is an annual report
OK, looking at the source of your home page, it appears to have been created with some sort of framework tool. Try and find out what's been used and how to use it to update the website. Failing that, you'll need to hack it, which does mean that if someone later changes the site "properly", your change will be lost :-( You might like to point this out to your boss...

I'm going to assume you have some sort of knowledge of HTML - if not, go and take one of the many online training courses to get some basic skills otherwise we're going to be speaking to each other in different languages!

From the page source, you can see the existing reports being loaded with these lines:

<a href="#"  >Annual Reports</a>
<ul class="l2">
  <li  class="item197 parent first"><a href="/index.php/2015-12-02-19-52-39/annual-report-2016"  >Annual Report 2013/14</a></li>
  <li  class="item240 parent"><a href="/index.php/2015-12-02-19-52-39/annual-report-2014-15"  >Annual Report 2014/15</a></li>
  <li  class="item239 parent last"><a href="/index.php/2015-12-02-19-52-39/annual-report-2015-16"  >Annual Report 2015/16</a></li></ul></li><li  class="item157 parent last">

So you can see there's a line for each annual report (I've reformatted it a bit to make it easier to see) you need to add a new line for your new report - the problem is that the framework has made up the class numbers, so you'll have to find the corresponding class in a CSS file somewhere and add another one, perhaps with a big number so it doesn't clash with anything else.

Now if you click on the link for one of the existing reports, you'll see it takes you to another page. So you'll need to find that and make a copy of it, but with a new name and including your new report, and you;ll see from that page where the report needs to go.

Good luck - I'm afraid you're on your own now.

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