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I know that there is no datagridview.performclick event.
But I have a cell that is (0) and column (0)and need to
scan a barcode in a textbox and have that column programatically clicked.
I have searched the web and MS forums but can't find any working answers.
Is it possible at all to call a perform click on a specific cell or column in a datagridview? This is for vb net. Of Course an answer in C# would help too.
Updated 8-Nov-10 1:33am

1 solution

You can do it easily with a bit of javascripting.

Make 3 hidden fields:
<input runat=server type=hidden id=inhAction />
<input runat=server type=hidden id=inhRow />
<input runat=server type=hidden id=inhColumn />

and a javascript function:
function cellClicked(row, column){
myForm.inhAction.value = "CELLCLICKED";
myForm.inhRow.value = row;
myForm.inhColumn.value = column;

and in the gridview's RowDataBound event setup the javascript call for every
myCellRow, myCellColumn);

When you click a cell, you will get a postback. You can tell taht the
postback is caused by a cell click by looking in the inhAction and you can
get the row and the column numbers from the inhRow and inhColumn.

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mindserve 8-Nov-10 7:32am    
Is there a way to do this in vb net without javascript?

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