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My objects have a DT_Last_Activity on their corresponding database tables that is not currently mapped to the object classes.

It will only ever record the current date and time.

This was fine when I was manipulating the database using embedded SQL where it formed part of the Insert or Update statement.

Now I am adding a web interface using .NET MVC Core 2.0 and Entity Framework 2.0 - because I want to learn how to use them.

This column is mandatory on the database and if I cannot find a solution I will add it to the object classes but I would like to know if it is possible to update it using EF Core without making this mapping so that it can continue to remain off the object class.

What I have tried:

This is a new problem that I am only beginning to look into.
Updated 24-Aug-18 6:43am

1 solution

Since this column "will only record the current date and time", then define / alter it (in the database) to have a default value of the "current date and time" on insert.

SQL DEFAULT Constraint[^]

If you need something more elaborate, use a stored procedure or trigger.
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