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Simply I have a java Socket program and I want to count number of clients connected the socket, increment on new connection and decrements when connections are closed. What is the best way to achieve this ?

What I have tried:

Actually I am getting confused .I want any sample code.
Updated 23-Aug-18 21:07pm

1 solution

A new connection is established when the accept() method called for the listening socket returns. The connection is closed when closing the socket returned by the accept() call. So you have to change the counter at those points in your code.

socket client_socket = server_socket.accept();
// ...

If a server has to support multiple clients connected at the same time, it has to use an own thread for each connection. Such is handled by most socket tutorials like Introducing Threads in Socket Programming in Java - GeeksforGeeks[^].
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FerdouZ 24-Aug-18 4:53am     CRLF
Yups I got it. Thank you :)
Jochen Arndt 24-Aug-18 5:01am    
Fine and thank you for accepting my solution.

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