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There are more than one RFID scanner attached with an computer. if more that one rfid card holder want to scan their card, their Tag mixed with each other tags.

I want that if X has started scanning and in the mid time Y user also started scanning then X user's card should be scanned first then Of Y user.

Currently X and Y User's Id/Tag mixed in one Text Box.

What I have tried:

There is only one textbox on a form. One by one scanning working well.
Updated 26-Aug-18 5:27am
Dave Kreskowiak 26-Aug-18 10:39am    
This depends on the RFID scanners. If they are exposed to the machine as "keyboard wedge" devices, meaning they "type" the code they can, you've got a huge problem.

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Chances are you can't, not without significant changes.
The use of a textBox implies it's being entered direct from the RFID reader as keyboard data - and there is your problem: Windows does not store the "source" of keyboard input at all, so there is no way for your program to determine which RFID scanner a particular keystroke came from - and because keyboards are autonomous devices, if two scanners start feeding the keyboard buffer at the same time, the data will be irretrievably mixed together and there is no way - no way at all - to determine which key "typed" came from which actual device.

The only way you will solve this is to talk to the scanner manufacturers and see if there is a way they can transfer the data as a packet instead of as keyboard input. Contact their tech support, and explain your full problem - they may be able to help you, but for certain, we can't!
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Amit Sharma (Patna) 26-Aug-18 22:39pm    
Thanks sir.
OriginalGriff 27-Aug-18 1:54am    
You're welcome!
KUMAR619 28-Aug-18 7:59am    
Sorry to disturb you. My question is regarding Reading Bahrain Smartcard details inclusing Images using C#.
I have Visual studio 2017 version with 4.6 framework. Suggest me some idea. None of the solution works for me.

Reply in the following question

Thanks in advance.

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