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I got an Error Creating view in SQl.The Below Mentioned is my query..

What I have tried:

CREATE  VIEW vwbuyerinvoicebankcharges AS 
SELECT a.SID AS InvoiceSid,
ISNULL((SELECT ROUND(SUM((ROUND(((b.Amount / c.Amount) * c.BankCharge),5) * c.ExchangeRate)),2)
FROM tblbuyerinvoiceadvancedetail B 
JOIN vwadvancemasterwithexrate C 
ON C.AdvanceSid = b.AdvanceSid WHERE b.MasterSid = a.SID 
ISNULL(SELECT ROUND(b1.NegoBankChargeAmt * b1.ExchangeRate,2) 
AS Round(B1.Negobankchargeamt*B1.ExchangeRate,2)
FROM vwbanknegotiationwithexrate B1 
WHERE b1.InvoiceSid = a.SID AS NegoBankCharge)
FROM tblbuyerinvoicemaster a GROUP BY a.SID
Updated 3-Sep-18 1:35am
Patrice T 3-Sep-18 6:34am    
"I got an Error Creating view in SQl."
Simple: apply "a Correction".
Unless you want to tell what is the error message.

1 solution

It'd difficult to say exactly where you are wrong, but for starters you brackets don;t match up - you have more "(" than ")". There are 11 "(" and only 9 ")"

I'd suggest that you start by indenting that so you can see what you were expecting to type, and then match up brackets to where they should be. I'm not entirely sure which open brackets need their close, or where they should go...
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