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How can we set a particular cell of DataGridView as multiline cell?

If length of string is greater than that of the cell width, it should display in next line of the same cell.

I am getting it by Setting AutoRowsSizeMode but it affects all cells.

How can I implement this?

Thank you

Updated 8-Nov-10 21:57pm
Dalek Dave 9-Nov-10 3:57am    
Edited for Readability.

ItemStyle-Wrap Attribute can work for you.

By setting it's value to True contents will be automatically wrapped if it exceeds then size of cell.


<asp:GridView ID="gv1" runat="server">
                <asp:BoundField ItemStyle-Wrap="true" DataField="SomeField" />

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If you used textbox inside the Cell then you can use the property TextMode="MultiLine" for the textbox. Otherwise take a look at the following one.

Multi Line GridView Column Cell[^]
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