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I want to insert data in a database table from two other tables

Whenever I run my code, it would return this particular error
An unhandled exception of type 'MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException' occurred in MySql.Data.dll - Additional information: Fatal error encountered during command execution.
exception image:[^]

which is pointed at
What could be the problem here? Here's my code

What I have tried:

private void Merge_Tables_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

                string MergeTables = (@"INSERT INTO exercices (annee,AA,region) 
                SELECT e1.annee,e1.AA,e2.region
                FROM bilan e1 JOIN data e2
                ON e1.siren = e2.siren");

                string serverIp = "";
                string username = "root";
                string password = "root";
                string databaseName = "altares";

                string dbConnectionString = string.Format("server={0};uid={1};pwd={2};database={3};SslMode=none", serverIp, username, password, databaseName);

                var conn = new MySqlConnection(dbConnectionString);

                var cmd = new MySqlCommand(MergeTables, conn);


                MessageBox.Show("Table exercices now with data !!");

Updated 19-Sep-18 1:33am
Leo Chapiro 19-Sep-18 8:27am    
Have you tried to execute this statement by SQL Management Studio (MS SQL Server) directly?
ZurdoDev 19-Sep-18 8:57am    
Your exception has an InnerException. Check to see if that Exception also has an InnerException. Get to the innermost exception and then google the error. I saw lots of possible reasons.
Member 14048200 26-Feb-19 6:28am    
unhelpful google gets me here

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