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I have a question. I have an UWP app and I have created an installer setup for this app using Inno Setup. Now the problem is I can't give my client the updated version of the setup everytime. So I wanna move my app to Windows store and so the they can update their version anytime.

My biggest query is how do I make my app move to Win store. I am concentrating this question based on Inno setup. Do I need to make any changes in inno setup to make the setup installed into Win store.

What I have tried:

I have looked into a link

Your request appears to be from an automated process[^]

So here this converts a desktop app into windows app but what if my app is a windows app and it needs an installer to install it. So now what do I do??

I have no idea on this please help.
Updated 23-Sep-18 23:08pm

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I tried that too. MS Store now accepts EXE installers.

There are a few requirements:

* The program EXE and the installer EXE must be signed with a
Authenticode EV certificate ( those that require USB security stick when signing )
This EV certificate is issued by CA authorities,
like Comodo, Certum etc. Costs as much as $300/year.

* The EXE must run in complete "silence". Whence the silence test.
You can instruct Inno installers to run silently by using command line
parameters /SILENT and /VERYSILENT.

In MS Partners website, In the application page, add a package type to EXE.

Fill the installer package fields regarding silence parameter
and return codes. There is a Inno Setup page with the return values.
Add the page URL to package field.

In order to pass this test, the installer execution cannot be questioned
by Windows Defender SmartScreen. If the execution brings a UAC
dialog saying "Windows protected your computer bla bla..", then that
installer is not suitable.

How Smartscreen works is not clear. It performs a antivirus check
to detect known threats. If passed, the file is added to a database
of installers with reputations.

The installer must have certain reputation ( =a number of downloads )
to be allowed to run. This is a tricky requirement, as a
typical setup changes at each new release/update.

Can take as long as two weeks, according to one source..

It helps if you submit the file to SmartScreen.

This is as far as I went. I put the project to the side for now..
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