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Hello i want to know if the email opened or not i have in database column status default value is no i want if the receiver opened email or not if the email is open the status will be yes but i don't know how to this and thanks in advance.

What I have tried:

i tried this but it doesn't work for me How to Track Email Open or not using PHP | Webslesson
Updated 1-Oct-18 14:11pm

There are generally two methods that can be used for tracking email; one of which utilizes extensions to the email protocol and the other relies on using HTML content.

The email protocol has an extension known as MDN (Message Disposition Notification) which adds headers to the email itself. This is supported by most email clients out of the box, and is as simple as clicking a button to "Request a Read Receipt"

The HTTP method involves inserting an HTML element (image, script, etc) within the body of an email; and tracking the HTTP request for that element. This is the basis of the method that is used by the article you mentioned, as well as most marketing emails.

Both of these methods are far from perfect; and by default email clients will require the email viewer to choose to send a read receipt or choose to view pictures within an HTML message.
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There is no reliable way to to do this.

Read receipts? Nope, users can turn off sending those back. I'm one of them.

Links in an HTML email? Blocked by default in most email clients.

A link that the user has to click on in the email? Yeah, get a user to click on those.

You don't have any options to do this reliably.
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You have to embed a link that calls back to your site. Your site needs a page that the link points to that then records the email being opened.

However, this only works if they download pictures/html in their email client. Lots of email clients block html to prevent viruses. So, there is no guarantee to know for sure if it has been read.
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Member 13055644 2-Oct-18 14:31pm    
@011111100010 for example if there's attachement file like resume in email when receiper click to download resume how cani change the status and thanks in advance
ZurdoDev 2-Oct-18 15:07pm    
If they have to click a link, then you are in control of that link and can make it do whatever you want.

Make a link to a download page that passes in the id of the document to download. Also pass the id of the user and then you can track that.
Member 13055644 2-Oct-18 15:08pm    
okay thank u so much
Hello i want to know if the email opened or not

Basically, you can't force any feed back from end user if he don't want.
My setting is no html display unless I request, no remote contain unless I request.
This way, I have never been compromised by a mail virus, it is safe.
At best, you can know if mail was delivered by server.
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