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i don't know how to convert like 


 document.getElementById("cnt").innerHTML += "select: " +numberOfAttribute+". By javascript<br>";

function javascript_click() {
if (document.getElementById("value3").value && document.getElementById("value4").value ) {
var attName=document.getElementById("value3").value;
var attValue=document.getElementById("value4").value;
var total_name_and_value = "[" + attName + "=" + attValue + "]";
var numberOfAttribute = document.querySelectorAll(total_name_and_value).length;
document.getElementById("cnt").innerHTML += "select: " +numberOfAttribute+". By javascript


if(document.getElementById("value1").value=='' && document.getElementById("value2").value=='' && document.getElementById("value3").value=='' && document.getElementById("value4").value=='')
document.getElementById("cnt").innerHTML += "wrong.

What I have tried:


i tried like this and it didn't work..
Updated 7-Oct-18 0:13am
Richard Deeming 9-Oct-18 13:16pm    
A strange time to be doing that - most people are going the other way, trying to drop jQuery and replace it with plain Javascript.

1 solution

If you in the process of updating your code to use jQuery it will be a good thing to grab a link to the documentation and consult it from time to time...
In vanila JS you have value, but under jQuery it is val only:
.val() | jQuery API Documentation[^]
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