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We have two operations that can be performed in a number:

1. n = n + d.[ both n and d are given as input ]
2. n = sumofdigits(n)

We have to find the minimum value of n and minimum number of steps to get to that value. Now, I thought of an algorithm that stores the minimum values of n.

Now the problem is, I can't comprehend where to stop, or any smaller algorithm can be there? Thanks.

What I have tried:

<pre>def someFunction(value, d):
      if value > 10:
          minValue = sumOfdigits(value)
          stepCount = 1 // 1 , as one operation is already performed here.
          minValue = value
          stepCount = 0
          if value < 10:
             value = value + d
             value = value + d
             if min > sumOfdigits(value):
                   min = sumOfdigits(value)
             stepCount+=2 // as two operations are being performed
tugrulGtx 10-Feb-19 11:29am    
What are you asking? Number of digits of a variable's 10s representation?

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