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HI i have tried get the information from INI file in borland C++ but im not able get the correct info

config .ini
South =2

What I have tried:

TIniFiloe *str=new TIniFile("config.ini")
int k = str->ReadInteger("SITE","NORTH",0);
here k value im getting alwyas 0 tahts what ever im passing from ReadInteger 3rd argument.
what we have to pass the third argument?

im using Borland compiler
Updated 26-Oct-18 0:54am
KarstenK 26-Oct-18 6:52am
As CPallini hinted in his posting your code used capital letters or ini not. And using the debugger is always a good idea ;-)
Member 13089825 26-Oct-18 6:54am
didnt understand
Richard Deeming 26-Oct-18 8:31am

Is that a typo in your question, or is that actually what you have in your INI file?

1 solution

I would call
Member 13089825 26-Oct-18 5:59am
thanks for your suggestion that was type error
str->ReadInteger("SITE","North",0) i have tried this still not getting expected result
CPallini 26-Oct-18 6:29am
Unfortunately I don't have Borland C++, so I can only suggest you to use the debugger.

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